Operations Executives

Data consumption.
Not data management.

You signed up to manage operations and solve problems. But all too often, you find yourself chasing down documents that are scattered all over the place. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Facilitr has a mobile application that helps you complete and upload that paperwork in seconds directly from the field. No more long days or drives back to the office for your team to complete paperwork on unpaid overtime.

Mobile Facility Data Consumption

If it is environmental compliance documentation, daily inspections, or audits, Facilitr will simplify your daily activities.

If so let's talk

As a professional, you usually know what needs to be done.

Like AI for facility managers

How many times have you hesitated or made the wrong call because you didn’t have timely access to needed information? Facilitr provides you access to facility info (drawings, permits, documents, photos, training, warranties and other critical documents) 24/7 from anywhere on any device.

Facilitr’s mobile app knows exactly where you are when you are taking a photo.

Facilitr Mobile App, photo management, and upload

Have you ever taken photos on your mobile device to upload to the appropriate file, then life/work happened and suddenly, you have dozens of photos and can’t remember which location/project they are associated with? Facilitr’s mobile app knows exactly where you are when you are taking a photo and will upload photos automatically to the appropriate facility.

Get the technology that meets your needs.

You know exactly what you need.
Why would you let purchasing or IT select your software application solution.
Tell them how Facilitr addresses your specific needs and why it works for you.
We guarantee all will be pleased with the results.

Technology that Operations needs
Facility Management tools

There’s a perception that software is expensive and difficult to implement. These were valid concerns until the advent of Cloud-based solutions such as Facilitr. Facilitr is an affordable, Cloud-based solution that can be deployed to a facility instantaneously simply by entering the Facility name and address, and it’s just as simple to use.

Property Management tools

Do you have any doubts that within the next 5 years all documents handled by you and your department will be digitized and available on a Cloud service? If you agree with this statement, but are not taking the appropriate measures to get there, your management team may view your inaction as a progress or growth limitation.

Don’t wait to be told, be proactive.

You can get there now by using Facilitr to assure that all documents handled by you and your department are digitized and available on a cloud service. Get there now.

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