Features of the Facilitr Plans

The First Comprehensive Solution For Facilities Document Management

Document Management Plan

Is the single touch solution for control over critical elements of facility operations and management. A secure, permission-based system with event tracking and notifications, it features automated meta tagging and analytics. It includes:

  • Knowledge about the facility location
  • Knowledge about the facility condition, and the ability to automatically initiate actions based on the condition thresholds you define
  • The ability to immediately locate a document, extract the data within it, and share it.
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Automated Monitoring Plan

Is the simplest way to receive and track monitoring system alarms from Incon and Veeder-Root gauges connected to fuel storage tanks. It includes:

  • Automatic data collection from your monitoring gauges
  • Analysis and indefinite records of key metrics
  • Replaces expensive service contracts for monitoring
Automated alarm monitoring from Veeder Root and Incon fuel gauges

Fuel Management Plan

Monitors fuel level inventories and deliveries from Veeder-Root gauges connected to fuel storage tanks. It includes:

  • One click to review monthly fuel usage, asset reports and end-of-period inventory
  • Complements gauge data by providing insight into consumption trends, fuel history, deliveries, and historical trends
Software for Fuel usage Management

Compliance Management Plan

Helps ensure your facilities are compliant with environmental health and safety regulations. It includes:

  • Exception and variance monitoring, to flag where a facility is out of compliance and help you determine whether it is a single or systemic problem
  • Individual and system monitoring of upcoming and overdue events, such as expired or missing service level agreements, warranties, training and scheduled maintenance
Permits capture storage and tracking

Built from the ground up to manage facilities documents

Facilitr is how you make sure your facilities-related documents are comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date. Let us show you how we can help your business.

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