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EH&S professionals did not sign up to be professional document managers.

With Facilitr, there is no more chasing reports and paperwork from vendors and/or operations personnel, scanning and organizing them in multiple files and folders, digitally or in paper form. In order to survive and thrive within your organization you need the ability to spend 98% of your time on program management and data consumption (reading and analyzing), and less than 2% of your time on document management. A proven way to be more efficient is to reduce the number of hand touches per generated document.

EHS compliance document management software solution

Introducing the concept of ‘data capture’ versus data entry.

Facilitr turns iOS and Android mobile devices into a mobile scanner, making it easy to capture structured information from the field directly into your database. What do you think is more efficient: taking an image of a training signature sheet and directly uploading it into Facilitr as a training document for a particular facility? Or scanning the sheet and emailing it to someone that would most likely leave it as an attachment in his/her email inbox? Our users tell us the first option is the most accurate and efficient.

Mobile form and document capture

Facilitr benefits to EH&S, starting with the top 8:

  1. Make better, faster decisions based on easily accessible information, anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  2. Eliminate the hassle of chasing data in transit from field personnel (photos are on someone’s phone, paperwork is on someone’s clipboard in the truck/office...)
  3. Transform your visibility within the organization from the paperwork intensive cost center to a department contributing data and analytics to operations.
  4. Facilitr’s user’s permissions layers allow you to be the gatekeeper of documents and still set-up ‘users’ and ‘viewers’ that can access documents without further intervention on your part.
  5. Facilitr solutions can consistently give you current information that would be impossible to humanly generate within an acceptable business timeframe
  6. Make compliance system dependent
  7. Handle growth
  8. Simplify compliance audits

Facility cloud analytics and reporting

How does it work?

With Facilitr’s data capture engine the originator of any document (inspection, reports, training, testing, etc.) has the ability to upload that document directly to the facility it belongs to. Facilitr logs who did what when and also adds calendar entries for the origination date and ticklers for needed follow-up dates.

Real Estate document management software solution

1. Facilitr helps you make your compliance programs system dependent versus personnel dependent. If one of your facility managers (FM) retires, does his/her current knowledge walk out with him/her? Is the FM the only person that knows the facility history, and where blueprints/drawings and location of emergency shut-offs are? Give your facility manager access to Facilitr for a frictionless transfer of facility information.

Multifamily residential document management software solution

2. Is your department ready to handle a 10, 20, or 30% increase in number of facilities with the same resources at your disposal? Contact Facilitr to find out more.

Facility and facilities documents available 24x7 on the cloud

3. Stop dreading audits that discover missing documents/training records. With Facilitr, information is available to you 24/7 from anywhere on any device, audit documents are exported within two clicks, or better yet you can provide the auditor with viewer credentials so he/she can get the information they need without taxing your resources.

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Facilitr has the ability to consistently serve you current information which would normally be impossible to humanly generate within an acceptable business practice time-frame.

How to track facilities documents

Is document management affecting your productivity or consuming too much time?

How to track facilities documents

Do you wish you had time to innovate and implement new strategies and compliance programs?

How to track Real Estate documentation

Have you ever hesitated to make a call on an issue or made the wrong call because you did not have timely access to information you needed?

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