Benefits For Your Industry

Retain institutional knowledge, even when key people leave. Maintain control of your documents, even when you switch service providers.

Real Estate

  • Protect your real estate assets and maximize appreciation
  • Consolidate documentation into a single repository
  • Provide full and transparent disclosure for buyers
  • Save time and costs by handling documents just once
  • Stay ahead of costly repairs
Software solution for building and Real Estate Document Management


  • Optimize operational resources while controlling expenses
  • Monitor management and disposal of regulated substances
  • Document process methods, inspection records and warranties
  • Manage and track regulatory documents, and get alerts about upcoming events and missed deadlines
Software solution for hospitals and health care facilities


  • Automate environmental compliance and fuel monitoring for back up systems
  • Optimize fuel expenditures and accurately assess fuel consumption
Software solution for telecom and data centers


  • Increase efficiency and minimize fleet downtime by staying on top of fuel requirements, maintenance schedules and waste disposal
  • Improve operational transparency by capturing, storing and tracking facility and fleet data in a single repository
  • Document process methods, inspection records and warranties
Software solution for fleet and transportation managers


  • Scale compliance operations across multiple facilities
  • Consolidate data from inspection and compliance records, permits, fuel tanks and other sources into a single, consolidated dashboard
  • Streamline management of permits, operational, and decommissioned facilities


  • Improve the management and services for public infrastructure
  • Introduce greater transparency into facilities, fleets and public places
Software solution for government facilities


  • Preserve knowledge about the location and status of documents when key employees leave
  • Improve efficiency and save time capturing, organizing and managing documents
  • Centralize control of documents into a single repository, even if they are from multiple locations and sources
  • Allow both internal teams and vendors to capture and share documents, and ensure everyone is using and making decisions on the same versions
  • Arm employees with analytics to transform them from paper filers to problem solvers
Software solution for industry and power plants


  • Free store managers to focus on customers and the shopping experience
  • Improve vendor management and reduce costs
Software solution for retail and stores management
Permit tracking

More control of critical facilities documents. Less complexity

Facilitr simplifies how you capture, organize and manage your facilities documents. Let us show you how we can help your business.

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