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Reducing your OPEX isn’t about budgets. It’s about strategy.

Every enterprise wants to control OPEX, however, reducing, cutting, or stretching finite operational resources will not alter the finite nature of these resources: at the end of the day you cannot cut budgets by more than 100% of your OPEX. A more fundamental change in the operations strategy is necessary.

How to reduce operating and capital expenses OPEX

Facilitr helps enterprises align their financial goals with their operational ones. Finance is often blamed for not understanding what it takes to keep facilities running. As this claim should be true, finance understands efficiencies derived from automation. Facilitr is the tool that is helping facilities leverage knowledge and manage risk.

Facility risk reduction and risk management

How Facilitr works for facility operations-compliance and / or maintenance

Facilitr captures documentation for facility compliance and/or maintenance from inception at the facility level, and makes it available as structured storage with a single touch.

No more trying to track information in transit from facilities to HQ, and no need to use resources to collect, sort, save, share, and update these documents or data. Facilitr captures this information the same way if it were generated by an outside vendor, without the IT concern of giving vendors firewall access.

Single touch document upload
Reduce operating expenses

Mitigate environmental compliance risks (identified in 10K filings). Facilitr’s compliance solution maintains and tracks documents necessary for environmental compliance. Facilitr is a low cost, easy implementation and adoption SaaS solution with a direct positive impact on stock value.

Do more with less resources.

Reduce operating expenses over time by using Facilitr

It may seem counter intuitive, but enterprises that have adopted Facilitr are able to lower OPEX, and use resources more effectively. Knowledge and skills purchased from one vendor at a particular location can now be implemented at similar facilities and or as global standards. If the same reasoning is extended to pricing, now best pricing is no longer a facility’s secret but used as a benchmark throughout the company.

Insight into facility property and Real Estate data

Here are some ways Facilitr helps you use data as a competitive advantage:

  • Maintain highest utility at all times with preventative, scheduled maintenance
  • Ability to switch from asset purchase to performance contracts
  • Mitigates compliance risks
  • 24/7 access to current information saves time
  • Reduce OPEX through increased efficiency and operational machine learning
  • Increase visibility and access to OPEX contracts and documents to enhance procurement strategies across your organization
  • Use your organization’s talent for important things like policy making, rather than information management/chasing paper. This leads to more accomplishment and better talent retention

Facilitr can play a critical role in solving resource management issues.

Decision makers constantly face resource management challenges. In the case of cost reduction, the elimination of an operational position is always accompanied by the fear of knowledge loss. If you are recruiting personnel due to turnover or rapid growth, the challenge becomes resource allocation for onboarding and training.

In both situations Facilitr can help by turning your facilities into intelligent assets in which knowledge is systematic rather than people-dependent. Facility knowledge becomes as easy as asking: what was done here? The answer comes back in the form of previously done tasks, their frequencies, and the accompanying supporting documents and vendors.

Facilitr is the System to depend on for Document Management

IoT (Internet of Things) is already paying large dividends to early adopters.

If your company has a fleet of vehicles or fuel tanks, chances are your largest annual spend is for fuel. Facilitr’s Fuel Management Plan (FMP) allows your fuel suppliers access to current fuel inventory data. Once you contractually agree with your fuel supplier to only make deliveries of full truck loads, you will always be guaranteed cheapest delivery cost as most deliveries are billed on the basis of pennies per gallon, the largest the delivery amount in gallons – ultimately the full capacity of the truck – the lower the cost per gallon delivered . This is definitely a win-win situation for both you and your fuel supplier.

Adapting to progress is not a choice anymore.

Innovative competitors could spell disaster for an enterprise with an ill-equipped operational organization, regardless of hard work or human intelligence. Smart solutions, such as Facilitr, have the ability to consistently serve you current information that would normally be impossible to humanly generate within an acceptable business practice timeframe.

When photocopiers were first introduced, the value and efficiency of automating this mundane task was obvious to all. Facilitr also brings a new level of efficiency to the workplace—the difference is, it’s more than just efficiency. Faciltr’s real value is its ability to affordably “copy” organizational intelligence. Facilitr’s intelligent solutions mean smart co-workers, all on the same page.

Reduce fuel costs over time

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