Why Facilitr

Managing Facilities Is Complicated. Managing The Documents Associated With Them Doesn’t Need To Be

Too many documents. Too many versions. Scattered across too many files, laptops and locations. Managing them and keeping on top of which are current and which may be expiring is a challenge.
Cloud software for managing facilities
There’s a better way. Facilitr simplifies how you capture, organize and manage facilities documents.

From Documents To Data-Driven Insights

Your facilities documents are sources of valuable data about how your people, processes and places are performing.

Facilitr helps you understand what is happening in your facilities, so you can make informed decisions and act to improve their performance.

How to derive analytics from facility documents

Make Your Facilities Documents Accessible, Usable and Valuable

We help your facilities teams work efficiently. You save time and money when you can find every facilities related document when you need it. And when you are confident facilities documents are comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date.

Reports and analytics from facility documents

Herc Rentals relies on Facilitr to stay ahead of environmental compliance

Herc Rentals relies on facilitr to streamline the collection, storage and permission-based access for all of the documents generated for their more than 250 facilities. Herc managers are able to find any document for every store in just a few seconds, staying a step ahead of compliance requirements.

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