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The 3 indicators to successfully own or occupy facilities

The 3 indicators needed to successfully own or occupy facilities: In real estate it is all about: location, location, location.  If you are on the owner, occupier, or management side, once a facility is in your portfolio the 3 indicators become: location, condition, and resources. Knowledge of the location: Whether you are responsible for a […]

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How to simplify real estate transactions

How to simplify real estate transactions You call it property, I call it facility! While this is a stretch on the pronunciation of ‘tomato’, what could be an enterprise owned #facility today, could become a #property or asset in a REIT portfolio tomorrow. The other way around is also true. What remains the same are the documents […]

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Where are your facility documents? Who owns them?

Do you have full access to your facility documents?   Most organizations believe digitization of facility documents is a solution to information access. As digitization is a step ahead of paper format, the process creates its own challenges in the form of inherent silos attributable to the different departments and vendors within an organization. These […]

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Redefining success for facility managers

The challenge for an experienced facility manager is not what needs to be done, the challenge is finding supporting documentation to arrive to the best possible outcome in a business acceptable time frame. Facilitr is redefining the meaning of success, for Operations and Compliance teams, from finding a document, to being aware a document exists and […]

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