Redefining success for facility managers

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February 15, 2018 | Eddy Tabet

The challenge for an experienced facility manager is not what needs to be done, the challenge is finding supporting documentation to arrive to the best possible outcome in a business acceptable time frame.

Facilitr is redefining the meaning of success, for Operations and Compliance teams, from finding a document, to being aware a document exists and knowing its content and impact on facility operations.

Facilitr provides secure cloud storage and retrieval for facility documents. By tracking every aspect of a company’s facility assets, Facilitr enables optimum facility utilization at all times. Cloud centralization of facility documentation allows for data analytics benefiting all types of facilities, from retail to the world’s most complex facilities.

Easy access to documents and analytics empowers your facilities teams, boost morale, and reduces employee turnover.

Facilitr simplifies optimum facility management.