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Why partnering with Facilitr is a winning combination for all

Facilitr captures and tracks documents, permits, maintenance schedules and records, photos, reports, warranties, and drawings, to name a few, associated with operating facilities.

Successful service providers and manufacturers often offer their customers access to digital records or reports related to the services they provide, or equipment they sell. In most instances these digital services are provided at no charge to the customer as part of the services sold.

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Retail and industry facility operators, our combined customers, are having to log into multiple service provider and vendor websites to access their information. In many cases facility operators have to manually download information from different vendor websites in order to have access to the documents needed to put together a required or needed facility binder.

Facilitr offers its partners a platform to automatically share their digital data with facility operators. With minor efforts on partner and Facilitr parts, this process can be automated whereas there is no more human intervention needed for a facility operator to see all of their documentation on the Facilitr platform, with one single login.

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Why should a service provider or vendor partner with Facilitr?

Successful vendors are providing their customers critical digital data related to the services they provide. However, a facility operator may have between 5 and 30 vendors providing services at a particular facility. Facility operators are under constant pressures to do more with less resources; logging into multiple vendor websites to get all information needed is taxing.

Vendors that have partnered with Facilitr have been able to retain, and in some cases win new business by offering their digital data through the Facilitr platform.

Once the initial set-up is done, usually through straightforward XML data exchange, vendors and their team continue to work on vendor’s platform, however, now facility operators have all their data within one Facilitr solution. Resulting in a win-win for all.

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What if a service provider does not offer a digital platform?

If you are a vendor or service provider that communicates with their customers by e-mail attachments and or hard copy, Facilitr may be a perfect solution for both you and your customers. Facilitr ready to use platform can be implemented with minimal efforts within your organization with the following immediate benefit: To serve as a centralized database for all your digital data with no efforts from your IT department.

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Once you have the benefits of centralized documentation categorized by client, facility, and user permissions, you can enjoy these added benefits:

  • Offering your clients digital access to their data
  • The ability to never miss a service event, as Facilitr provides a tracking solution
  • Analytics on provided services that would lead to the offering of additional services to the same clients
  • The ability to provide services to larger enterprises that demand digital solutions
  • And the possibility to recoup your investment in Facilitr by offering access to digital services.

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