IT Executives

The challenges facing CIOs, CTOs, and IT executives

  • Finding, training, and retaining talent
  • Security
  • Cloud migration/IaaS
  • Rigidity of legacy systems
  • Resistance to change
  • Limited resources
IT resources for facility document management

Each of these challenges is potentially overwhelming, and it is no surprise that departmental requests cannot always be met quickly or perhaps never met if budget is not available.

Whether you support Apple’s slogan “There is an app for that” or not, it is hard to ignore the proliferation of cloud-based solutions. Enter Facilitr, which has created a secure, comprehensive platform to house and track operational facility data, such as contract documents, photos, drawings, permits, SLAs, inspections, audits…

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Facilitr stores and tracks documents for operating facilities

Facilitr benefits

  • Delivers an off-the-shelf, domain-savvy SaaS solution
  • Reduces implementation friction through domain knowledge
  • Controls costs
  • Offers enterprise-class security
  • Improves employee productivity and operations’ performance
  • Eliminates the need to give vendors access to your firewall
  • Provides a comprehensive IoT solution for fuel management
  • Integrates off-the-shelf tracking and analytics
  • Offers built-in machine learning
  • Facilitates user management
  • Logs user activities (who did what when)
  • Supports chat functionality
  • Centralizes all facility information
  • Enables easy data capture through an Android and iOS mobile solution
  • Eliminates the need for internal support, maintenance, or onboarding
  • Frees up IT resources

Help your operations department procure Facilitr and save money.

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