Fleet and Fuel Managers

A new concept in fleet management: complete coordination.

Anyone in fleet fuel management will tell you it’s a complex juggling act. Things are constantly changing, and you need to know what’s going on with any particular fleet location. Facilitr gives Fleet Managers an expanded set of tools that provide a broader view of facility and fuel management to create efficiencies and cost-savings. It’s the end of guessing, and the beginning of insight.

Fuel Management and consumption Dashboard

It’s the end of guessing, and the beginning of insight.

Forward thinking fleet managers use fuel management tools that provide details about fueling activities, i.e., who filled which vehicle when and how much fuel was dispensed. But it’s also important to know not just how much was used, but how much fuel is left in the tanks. In fact, this information can save your organization significantly.

With Facilitr’s FMP connected to your fuel gauges you’ll be able to: Access fuel usage and inventory at any time from any device at a glance. Users (fuel suppliers or FMs) can simply mouse over fleet locations on the Faciltr app to see what the fuel status is.

Veeder Root and Incon fuel management solutions

Facilitr's Fuel Management Plan (FMP) allows your fuel suppliers to access your fuel inventory data so they can schedule deliveries that take advantage of full load discounts—a win-win situation for you and your fuel supplier.

Facilitr’s tools allow you to set up anonymous bidder user accounts that compiles historical fuel usage data so bidding can be more competitive.

Fleet Management solutions

12 hours, or 1 minute?

Most fleet fuel management systems don’t give you information about fuel inventory. To track fuel levels you typically need to allocate one of your employees to the task of checking or gauging fuel levels in each tank and then calling it in to your fuel company’s dispatcher. Depending on where your fuel gauge is located, this task would typically take 15 to 30 minutes. For a facility using 200,000 gallons per month this amounts to about 12 hours each month. FMP gives you these hours back.

Fuel delivery and consumption analytics

Is guesswork part of your fuel management approach?

Facilitr’s Fuel Management Plan gives you historical fuel usage per facility and even per tank in seconds with zero human intervention – neither staff, nor operations. You can convert results into exportable graphs and charts, and can compare usage year over year, month over month, and per product. No more guesswork or overburdened staff—Facilitr puts valuable analytics at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Incon and Veeder Root connectivity solutions

How Facilitr fuel procurement savings works

Bids for fuel are usually based on the purchaser providing bidders with one volume number (xxx millions of gallons) for the duration of the contract. But for bidders, this figure comes with a high degree of uncertainty if they don’t know where and when the fuel will be delivered. This leads to hedging, which is reflected in a higher price per gallon.

With Facilitr, managers can allow their fuel bidders limited access to historical fuel deliveries. They now have a more accurate picture of what will be entailed, allowing them to offer you a lower price. Without Facilitr, a purchasing department would take weeks to compile this historical data. This is why most fueling contracts are renewed year after year with the same vendors without bidding.

Fuel delivery savings

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