Environmental Managers

We think information belongs in one place: at your fingertips.

These days, the duties of environmental professionals have been reduced to document management and tracking. We’re pretty sure you didn’t become an environmental professional just to spend your days chasing down paperwork and documents. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Facilitr’s compliance solution maintains and tracks documents necessary for environmental compliance. With Facilitr, you can retrieve any documentation you need instantly with a few clicks. Our innovative document capture methodology gives you access to your documents 24/7 from anywhere on any device. Now you can spend 98% of your time doing the things you need to do: planning, addressing issues, and running the environmental compliance program —and less than 2% on document management.

Cloud software solution for property managers

Is compliance management consuming all your productive time?

Do you have time to innovate and implement new strategies and programs? One proven way to be more efficient is to reduce the number of hand touches per generated document. If you could capture a document at its inception point and file it in a place that is visible to all that need access to it, you have saved your organization 98% of the typical time needed to manage this document.

With Facilitr’s data capture engine the originator of any document (such as for example, inspection, report, training, testing, manifest) has the ability to upload that document directly to the facility it belongs to. Facilitr will log who did what when and add calendar entries for the origination date, and when needed, follow‐up dates.

Better efficiency and time management

When inspectors show up, will you be ready?

Inspectors aren’t particularly fond of standing around while you frantically search for compliance records. If you can't prove compliance with proper documents when the regulators show up, you've got an issue. If you can eventually produce the documents, you would get away with the stress of compliance. If you cannot find the needed documents, you may be looking at a fine.

Ask us how Facilitr can produce a compliance binder within seconds.

Easy document capture. Easy report retrieval

Ready to start eliminating paperwork from your daily activities?

Facilitr's single touch information capture from inception to storage
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