Empower your operations team to move at the speed of your vision.

Forward thinking organizations are shifting from purchasing high value depreciating assets to performance based contracts with service level agreements (SLAs) directly with the manufacturers of these assets.

This freeing of operational capital might exactly be the boost you need to enhance R&D, expand into new markets, or build equity to buyout your competitors.

Facilitr Helps Presidents & CEOs Empower Their Operations Team

The right technology can make a difference.

Your operations team is only as good as the tools they use. Facilitr provides your facility operations with everything required to manage and track facility operations, and to benefit and embrace the advent of IoT (Internet of things) and the service economy.

Innovative competitors could spell disaster for an organization with an unprepared work force, regardless of hard work or human intelligence. Smart solutions, such as Facilitr, have the ability to consistently serve current information which would normally be impossible to humanly generate within an acceptable business practice timeframe.

The Right Technology in Facilitr Helps Presidents & CEOs Make A Difference

How Facilitr benefits your organization.

  • Allows your operations team to manage all SLAs on one platform
  • Structured integration of all facility information
  • Rely on compliance as a competitive advantage
  • Global knowledge when planning and negotiating growth
  • Ability to ask and rapidly obtain graphical status updates w/o taxing your executives and their respective teams
  • Seamless communication and collaboration between corporate and remote facilities
  • Elimination of data in transit with access to current information 24/7
  • Single touch document management from inception to capture, save, share, and track
  • Mitigate environmental compliance risks identified in 10K filings, with direct positive impact on stock value
  • Eliminate weak links within the organization by introducing system dependency
  • Transform your facilities into intelligent assets
Facilitr Helps Presidents & CEOs Achieve Greater Benefits in Their Organization
Facility metrics for Presidents & CEOs

We benefit companies that own and maintain multiple facilities and we boast several clients in transportation, retail, real estate, logistics, tech, healthcare, and government.

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