Are your facility managers considered overhead?

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May 22, 2018 | Eddy Tabet

Are facility managers viewed as overhead in your organization?

Sales, marketing, and accounting likely all have their software solutions well implemented within your organization.  For unfortunate reasons facilities departments are still operating with paper documents, shared folders, maintenance ticketing, and excel spreadsheets.

At Facilitr, we believe that these following reasons are why facility managers are not using the latest software solutions:

  1. Facilities managers have been convinced that they are overhead, and as such are not entitled to tools and solutions that could enhance their productivity. So no budget.
  2. Facilities managers (FMs) are very crafty professionals, they are tasked daily to do the most with as little as possible. So they’ve adopted any available tools to get their jobs done.
  3. A combination of comfort in business as usual, and lack of time to learn and implement a new software solution.

The way I view it, a facility is the heart of any business.  Without facilities business cannot be conducted.  Without FMs facilities will ultimately shut down. As we keep asking our FMs to do more with less, we should empower them with the best tools available to do their jobs efficiently.

Business as usual should not be an option, as it opens the way for competition to move in. A new generation of affordable tools such as Facilitr were built from the ground up to facilitate life for FMs.  They are intuitive and address the most critical aspect of facility management: access to current documentation (contracts, drawings, photos, contacts, permits, warranties…).  Such tools can be used at a single site or across a network of locations everywhere.

If facilities are overhead, so is accounting. No organization would run efficiently without accounting software. Please share what’s preventing you from getting the right tools.