5 Reasons Facility Managers Are Switching To Cloud Compliance

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May 4, 2018 | George Tabet

Paperwork is the halt in production that every facility manager dreads. Once a critical facility document has been logged, that information becomes static, whether it is sitting in a desktop folder, or even worse: a manila folder. With the recent surge in mobile and cloud-based technologies, facility managers are turning to lightweight tools to help them navigate the in’s and out’s of staying in compliance with their local and statewide government regulations. When used correctly, a compliance software can help equip facility managers to boost their overall productivity, instead of them spending time locating information and keeping track of critical deadlines. Here are a five reasons why facility managers are switching their compliance programs into the cloud:


  1. To Save Time: A cloud-based database makes it easier to upload photos, permits, training documents, or any file type on the go from any device (using either a browser or a native mobile app). Apply the quick mobile upload to field workers coming back into the office after a long day. They are constantly bogged-down with copying handwritten notes from their facility paperwork into a stagnant database, which they won’t be able to index for quick reference later.


  1. Easy Accessibility: All of your remote employees can now see what you want them to see on-site. As they upload critical information from the field, it is stored in the cloud database, so that each responsible party has access to it at anytime. If your compliance solution has preset roles/permissioning features, you can stay in control of exactly which users can access and populate each of your facilities at all times.


  1. 24/7 Convenience: From the touch of a button, or smart phone screen, you can see who has uploaded any documents to a facility. This provides structure for managing a remote team in the field. Have a meeting and waiting for an important email, maybe you want to step out for lunch, now you can go out of the office and bring your entire compliance database with you in your pocket.


  1. User Adoption: Widespread system use is predictable for teams in the field who are already familiar with mobile-first style applications. A large majority of these technical workers are already using smart devices to run cloud-based applications (every mobile app) in their personal lives, making the role-out of such a system almost second nature.


  1. How it effects Bottom-line: Using a cloud-based application/mobile app gives facility managers all the benefits of storing files locally without contributing to any of the storage costs. IT will undoubtedly happy, as the service is hosted off-site, and users can login from anywhere to access their information (system not behind the firewall).