Facilitr was founded on a powerful idea: simplify the management of facilities documents, and infuse the process and documents themselves with intelligence to alert you to events and exceptions.

We’re document and facilities centric, delivering a unique solution tailored to the requirements of facilities leaders.

Facilitr is built on advanced technology and 25 years of real world expertise gained from helping operations and facilities managers track and manage critical compliance data.

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CEO and Founder Eddy Tabet

Eddy A. Tabet
Founder and CEO

Eddy A. Tabet, PE, is the founder and CEO of Facilitr, formerly NoViolation.
In 1999, Mr. Tabet led the spinoff of Olympian Oil’s operations division into Technology Engineering and Construction, Inc. (TEC). He was named president and CEO of TEC, which he grew into a vertically integrated multidisciplinary environmental company providing engineering, compliance, construction, and environmental services...

Mr. Tabet started his career as a civil engineer with Bechtel in San Francisco, where he worked on design and structural software solutions for major infrastructure projects including airports and nuclear power plants.

He is an entrepreneur, mentor, and past president of LebNet, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring IT entrepreneurs. He has also served as a volunteer EMT with the Red Cross.

Mr. Tabet is a licensed Professional Engineer and holds a general engineering contractor’s license. He received masters and bachelors of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from Columbia University. Mr. Tabet has attended executive programs at Harvard Law School and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Dr. Ossama Hassanein

Dr. Ossama Hassanein
Member, Board of Directors

Dr. Ossama Hassanein is an entrepreneur, mentor, and venture capitalist based in Silicon Valley. In the last 35 years, he has managed $1B+ of international technology funds in diverse leadership roles and invested in 200+ companies. Combined market value of these companies today exceeds $200 billion.

In the last 25 years, he was chairman or co-founder of seven leading-edge high technology startups in the US, UK, France and Switzerland. Currently, he is director of Bank of the West in San Francisco and of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund in Dubai. He is a charter member of the C100, a Silicon-Valley based association dedicated to mentoring and angel financing Canadian entrepreneurs, and ex-chairman of TechWadi, a network of Arab American high technology executives in Silicon Valley, focusing on mentoring, financing and business acceleration of leading MENA entrepreneurs. He served as vice-chairman of the Board of PSD, an NGO focused on providing One Netbook per Child for up to 130,000 Palestinian and Syrian children in need of education.

Dr. Hassanein is a President Cabinet member at the University of British Columbia (UBC), where he also serves on the Dean of Applied Sciences board of advisors. He is the chairman of the UBC Silicon Valley advisory board for the Personalized Medicine Initiative. He has served on the Board of Advisors of Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies and of UCSF Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine in San Francisco, and on the Board of Directors of Relief International, a non-profit, focusing his efforts on social entrepreneurship and women development in the Middle East.

Dr. Hassanein was Willard Brown Visiting Professor at AUC School of Business, where he is also member of the Board of Advisors. He lectured on Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University and the University of San Diego, and on international business at UC Berkeley and Santa Clara University. He was also guest speaker on entrepreneurship in diverse venues including the White House, the State Department, the Commonwealth Club, MIT, and Harvard University.

George Kadifa

George Kadifa
Member, Board of Directors

George Kadifa is a Managing Director of Summeru Equity Partners and focused on the firm’s software investments and is a member of the Executive Committee. He has three decades of operating experience in the technology sector.

Prior to co-founding Sumeru, George was EVP at HP, reporting to the CEO and member of Executive Committee. He was responsible for leading growth initiatives and alliance programs with key partners, service providers and the largest customers. He led HP’s $4-billion software business that included IT/Cloud Operations Management, Application Delivery Management, Enterprise Security, and HP Big Data.

George previously served as Operating Partner at Silver Lake, a global technology investment firm with over $26 billion of assets under management. He was responsible for driving growth and operational improvement in a wide range of enterprises within the company portfolio of the firm’s large-cap investment fund. George has significant expertise in building and managing technology businesses. He has held various leadership positions at technology and management consulting companies such as IBM, Corio Corporation (founder), Oracle, Booz-Allen & Hamilton and Xerox.

Stephen DiFranco

Stephen DiFranco
Advisor, IoT Advisory Group

As the Founder and Principal of IoT Advisory Group, Stephen is dedicated to serving companies who are launching, investing and acquiring assets in the IoT and AI space. IoT Advisory Group works with clients around the world to determine how to take advantage of the next technology wave – the Internet of Things.

Stephen is also an Executive in Residence (EIR) at Plug & Play, a global incubator. He currently is an advisor for three funded start-ups.

Prior to launching IoT Advisory Group, he led the sale of Broadcom’s IoT business by Cypress Semiconductor. The acquisition to Cypress Semiconductor was closed on July 5, 2106.

DiFranco come to Broadcom from HPE where he was responsible for sales and marketing of the America’s Enterprise Partner Organizations. He joined HP in 2010 leading the Americas PC Group Partner Network before leading the Americas PC Americas Sales Group. Stephen spent 5 years at HP.

For two years, Stephen worked for Lenovo as it transitioned the IBM Think™ line of PCs. Starting by leading its retail teams before being asked to also lead its commercial channels sales teams, Stephen worked with all the industry OEMs while leading AMD’s Consumer Group.

At AMD he was Corporate VP of Consumer Sales & Marketing responsible for the growth of AMD based PCs and notebook computers worldwide. During his tenure AMD enjoyed accelerated market growth in the US, Europe, CIS, South Asia and China. DiFranco reintroduced a marketing measurement systems and new consumer marketing segmentation to AMD.

He lives in San Mateo, California with his family.

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